How to apply Gel Liquids!


NOTE: *You will need a UV lamp with a minimum of 48 watts to use gel liquids.* (you can find them on amazon for a reasonable price)

1) Apply our Step 1 GEL BASE to the nail in a thin even layer. Avoid touching the cuticles and sidewalls of the nail.

2) Pour the dip powder over the wet gel liquid. Tap off excess dip powder and clean around cuticles with a precision tool or an orange stick.

3) Place hand under UV lamp with a minimum of 48 watts and cure for 30-60 seconds. (Time will vary with each light)

4) Remove hand, brush off all excess powder from your nails. The powder will be cured at this point, so it will not smear.

5) Repeat on all nails.

6) Once excess powder is brushed off, repeat steps 1-4 approximately two more times (depending on the type of dip powder you are using. Glitters may require more coverage).

7) If clear encapsulation is desired (recommended for glitter), repeat steps 1-4 again using crystal clear to encapsulate. Then use a high grit 180+ buffer to smooth the surface of the nail. 
**Encapsulation means the acrylic glitter or color is encapsulated underneath a clear layer of acrylic. **

8) If Gel liquid encapsulation is desired, apply our Step 1 GEL BASE, Cure for 60 seconds, then apply Step 2 GEL TOP and cure for 60 seconds. Then buff with a high grit buffer 180+ until nails are smooth. 

9) Apply a thin layer of Step 1 GEL BASE to all your nails and cure for 60 seconds.
10. Then, without touching your nails, apply a thin to medium layer of our Step 2 GEL TOP to all of your nails and cure for 60 seconds. 

11. The Gel Top Coat is NO WIPE, meaning your nails will not be sticky after curing. 

12. Apply cuticle oil and you’re done!